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(New year countdown) The new year it was New Year’s Eve and Maurice was fast asleep in his bed suddenly there was a knock on his window. he winced hey Maurice come out with me come on wake up its not even day yet and it is so cold outside oh it is nearing dawn already and we have lots of work to do work who are you and what work do you want me to do at this hour I am the new year and I have brought blessings for everyone but I am too little to pull the cart by myself won’t you come and help me.

I am so warm and cozy in my bed and sleepy to this hour can’t we wait till the morning comes on properly I promise you if you come with me now you will feel happier than you have ever felt before.

New year countdown

please come with me fine Maurice quickly got dressed and went out of his house to wear the little new year was waiting for a nice cart. (New year countdown)

it reads love and kindness that feels good oh just come with me and it will feel so much better would you please help me pull the cart sure so the new year gave Maurice one of the ropes to help him pull the cart and together.

they walked up the street through the snow to reach Joe’s house that is Joe’s house he works in our garden he does not have any children in fact he does not have any family why are we doing there that is exactly.

why we are going there it is new year should we not make a man feel thought of nobody deserves to spend the New Year’s Eve alone and lonely that is true so what do you want me to do there is plenty of snow around his house.

we won’t be able to walk there just shovel it while I unload some of the blessings I have for him hmm let’s see maybe a new coat and a muffler a warm New Year dinner and a hearty breakfast a new pair of shoes those would be a nice right dad.

just gave him his old coat but what did he or anyone like a new one during the festive season, hmm yes I think that the gifts you have thought of would be lovely so Maurice shoveled the snow from in front of Jerry.

front door while the little new year offloaded the gifts and took them to Joe’s house are we going to ring the bell oh no why disturb him we will just leave them in this living room so the new year climbed in through the window.

and left the gifts on Joe’s table when Marie saw him do that Maurice felt a kind of excitement he had never felt before just the thought of how happy Joe would be to receive all the gifts made maurices hearts spring with joy.

it was inexplicable but it felt so beautiful next the new year headed towards Betsy’s house that is besties house she sews for mother what are we going to give her Betsy has been sick for a few days a nice bunch of flowers. (New year countdown)

New year countdown
New year countdown

and a chocolate a New Year’s Day should make your happy what do you say yes that would be lovely so the new year once again climbed in through the window and put a bunch of the most beautiful Pink’s.

you have ever seen and a bar of enormous chocolate by Bessie’s bed Maryse felt the same beautiful joy he had felt before just at the thought of how happy the flowers and the chocolate will make Bessie. (New year countdown)

it was as though Maryse himself was being given the flowers in chocolate the new year and Maryse roamed all over town dropping off gifts to all kinds of people somehow.

the New Year always knew exactly what blessings to give to each person but no matter how many gifts he gave his cart would never get empty how come your cart is always full no matter.

how many gifts you were moved from it, ah love and kindness never decrease no matter how much you remove them the more love and kindness you give out the more they increase, and the more joy you feel Maurice.

Maurice wakes up what it is New Year’s morning wake up till New Year’s morning little New Year the card of loving-kindness but Happy New Year mother the more loving kindness you give the more it increases.

and the more joy you feel thank you for waking me up mother you see I will make this new year the most joyful year ever Maurice got dressed took the little money he had saved from his piggy bank and also took the chocolate his uncle.

had given him and raced out of the house he could not afford to buy a coat but with his savings he bought eggs and pancakes from a baker ran to Joe’s house and knocked oh good morning Maurice what brings you here.(New year countdown)

today is my day off you know I know but I brought you something I knew your breakfast for you I thought you would like some eggs and you had told me once that you like pancakes with honey and cinnamon gee .

I love pancakes. with honey and cinnamon Thanks this is so so thoughtful of you it has been years since anybody ever thought of what I would like and brought me that you know this means so much thank you the little.

New Year was right loving kindness truly are the happiest things in the world next Maurice went to Bessey’s house with the chocolate and flowers hey Maurice hi Bessie how are you feeling you must feel quite horrible being sick on New Year’s.

uh, tell me about it but it makes me feel so much better that someone would visit I brought you this that is so sweet of you Maurice thank you so much happy new year Bessie and maybe I shall stop by later for a game of Ludo.

or something huh that would be great he really is so tiresome to just lie in bed and do nothing all day a game would really help me get better faster Bessie was so happy and seeing her happy Maurice was even happier .

from then on Maurice would extend love and kindness to all his friends and even strangers and my was he the happiest boy in town [Music] .

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