Happy new year countdown

this is what likely comes to mind when you think New Year because most people follow the Gregorian calendar which has 365 days or 12 months in the year January 1st is the new year but depending on who you speak with the new year.

Happy new year countdown
Happy new year countdown

reaches far beyond January 1st Chinese New Year also known as the Lunar New Year and Spring Festival is celebrated between January 21st and February 20th millions of people around the world.

celebrate the 15-day festival with friends and family share a meal wear traditional clothing light fireworks participate in colorful parades and decorate their homes neighborhoods. happy new year countdown

and streets with lanterns what’s very important in a lot of these traditions especially the Asian traditions is the idea that New Year’s represents a turning point it’s an extremely the auspicious day .

it’s but it’s about this idea that by doing these things you are plugging into a supernatural power that will bring life and good fortune to you ;

and your family each year Chinese New Year’s dedicated to an animal that has its significance in the Chinese lunar calendar.

another big celebration is Rosh Hashanah meaning head of the year in Hebrew also known as a Jewish New Year celebrated on the seventh month of the Jewish lunisolar calendar between September and October two solemn occasion.happy new year countdown

it’s a religious occasion and it’s muted the celebration is muted Rosh Hashanah you know which occurs in the fall is a two-day celebration that begins the most important time of the Jewish religious year which is the ten days of repentance of self-reflection of you.

know measuring yourself against what is expected of you from God and from the community a popular ritual on Rosh Hashanah involves using the ship for an old wind instrument to mark the beginning of a 10-day period leading to another.happy new year countdown

the festival called Yom Kippur even though it is it’s not the kind of lights and fireworks and drinks and you know that we associate with the New Year’s Day in the secular society it brings the community together now .

Rose is celebrated by over 300 million people worldwide which is the Persian New Year and the 3,000 year old Iranian celebration marks the beginning of spring and is observed on either March20th or 21st the first day of the year.

on the Iranian solar calendar, it’s more of you know the first day of spring celebration the more important thing is to visit the homes of family and friends.

honoring you’ll more than likely come across what’s known as the huff table displaying at least seven items that include some form of sprout or grass for rebirth and renewal dried fruit for love apples for beauty and health garlic for medicine.

and self-care a sweet pudding for wealth and fertility vinegar for patience and wisdom and a Persian spice for more sunrises millions of Muslims around the world celebrate the Islamic.

New Year which is observed on a different day each year it falls on the first day of the first month of the Islamic lunar calendar called Muharram it’s also known as the hare ji new year .

or Arabic new year it’s a time to commemorate Prophet Muhammad fleeing from Mecca to Medina with his followers. in 622 ad to escape the dominant culture of the time that didn’t allow them to practice their faith for most Muslims.happy new year countdown

New Year’s is a minor holiday it’s our minor day it’s celebrated it’s acknowledged but it it doesn’t have the same kind of cultural weight as it does let’s say in China or among Sikhs.

for example or in the Jewish community Vaisakhi also known as Besakih the Harvest Festival and the Sikh and Punjabi New Year it’s observed by Sikhs.

Happy new year countdown

and some Hindus on either the 13th of the 14th of April each year based on the none of shahe calendar a solar calendar used by the seats but Vaisakhi isn’t only a celebration of a new year.

Happy new year countdown live


it also commemorates the establishing of salsa a process used to describe sikhs who’ve been baptized and in Thailand people celebrate the Buddhist new year with a three-day water fight .

what initially started off as people pouring water over Buddha statues but people in Thailand aren’t just soaking each other for fun even though there’s lots of that happening at the Songkran festival.

splashing water is meant to wash away bad luck from the previous year and in most of these countries, the new year is considered a public holiday a time for people to be with their friends and families.

but that’s not always a privilege the people who are living away from their native countries can partake in for these you know immigrant communities and long-established communities these traditions are very very important they’re markers both of religious identity.happy new year countdown

but also of ethnic identity, they become really strong touchstones for the community while there are different ways to celebrate the new year depending on which cultural celebration.

you follow what they all have in common is the idea of congregating with their friend’s families, and their global community at large to celebrate new beginnings.

happy new year countdown

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